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Colonel Popper Pro Tips and Heating Time Examples

🐮 We no longer recommend Butter during popping because it can burn too easily. There are delicious alternatives like Popcorn Popping Oil or Popcorn Coconut Oil that taste just like Buttered Movie Theater Popcorn!  If you would like to use Butter, please melt it separately and stir it in after the popcorn has been popped.

🚫Do not use the "POPCORN" setting on your microwave because it does not adjust for different serving sizes. Refer to our example timings below.

🚫Do not use the "CONVECTION" setting on your microwave because it will circulate hot air rapidly which will cause unexpected results.

💡Colonel Popper Popcorn Maker is designed to pop kernels with no oil. This will reduce calories for a fresh, crisp snack. However, for added flavor, a small dollop of high smoke point oil can be used during popping (ie. Grapeseed Oil, Canola Oil, Coconut Oil), or finish with an oil spray after the popcorn is done.

 Decrease the amount of oil according to serving size.

• 1/2 Cup of Kernels (3-4 servings) = 1 Tbsp. Oil

• 1/3 Cup of Kernels (2-3 servings) = 3/4 Tbsp. Oil

• 1/4 Cup of Kernels (1-2 servings) = 1/2 Tbsp. Oil

🍿 On your first few tries, do not leave your microwave unattended because heating performance varies depending on the size of microwave and different altitudes.  For example, at high altitudes water has a lower boiling temperature.  Also, oil acts as a heating agent and will heat food faster.  Please take these variances into consideration when establishing your Heating Time and Power Level.  When in doubt, simply start with just plain 'ol kernels with no oil at all.

🔔 Listen for a 2-3 second pause between popping. This indicates that your popcorn is done.  Once you have established the right combination of Heating Time + Power Level, you will make fresh, crisp, and consistent popcorn every time!

We always recommend "low and slow" and erring on the side of caution since nobody likes to eat burnt popcorn (and it doesn't smell very good)!  Remember to lower your Power Levels for higher wattage microwaves. The table below shows some suggestions since all microwaves are different. Please note that we are not responsible for misuse of the Colonel Popper Popcorn Maker.

See our Recipes for great tasting ideas!

Download this Colonel Popper Instruction Guide as a PDF!

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Your Microwave Wattage

800 Watts

1000 Watts

1200 Watts

Use Power Level

10 (Max)



1/4 Cup (1 serving)

3:30 min

3:00 min

2:45 min

1/3 Cup (1-2 servings)

4:00 min

3:45 min

3:30 min

1/2 Cup (2-4 servings)

4:30 min

4:00 min

3:45 min

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